*3 month commitment


You will NEVER change your life until

YOU make the change.



Taking on 2-4 clients within the hour to focus on a fun and exciting environment to keep you and your friends pushing each other through it all. Working with all fitness and health goals, I program what I see fit for each individual. All the glitter bombs and high energy to get you and your friends through a grueling and kickass workout. Who’s READY?!

$50 - $200




Chat with me and have some tea! Together, we’ll discuss in the hour about your dietary wants and needs. My goal is to help educate you on what will fuel you in your training, what will keep you healthy and satisfied and how to create habits of ENJOYING food in everyday life. When choosing the appropriate path of your nutrition, everyone is NOT created equal when it comes to finding the right foods that will fuel you. So, I will take the time to learn, listen and educate myself to know who you are and help create a plan that will work for YOU. I’m ready to DROP A LIL KNOWLEDGE! 

Make it a                         HABIT.


ONE - on - ONE

Privately working one on one to specifically target your fitness and health needs. I work diligently to focus on what the client is looking for, designing a program that will hit your goals and to keep you motivated during this process. One hour of full intensity and some major knowledge droppin’! Let’s get to WERK!


Sometimes we lack that self-motivation and discipline that everyone craves in life every now and then. I will diligently be working with you to keep you on track and stay focused to reach for those big results. I am there to be your guide and support, BUT you must put in the work, you must show up for yourself and you must practice discipline. I am here to keep you on track and educate you with the choices made to get those big results. Let’s GOOOOO!