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Growing up, I used food as a resource to comfort myself from life’s challenges. I was bullied for being different and expressing my personality, my mom had been fighting cancer since I was too young to remember and the thought of “treat yo self” food made me FEEL better. I kept on this cycle of food abuse until in my early 20’s, trying different diet fads, caloric deficits, juice cleanses, not eating and NOTHING was working. I had built a relationship with food based on how I felt emotionally. Sure, my “diets” would work for a few weeks, but once I stopped seeing the results, I went back into craving foods that were not healthy to my body physically, emotionally AND mentally.

After my mom passing in 2013, I wanted to give up on life. My mom was my best friend, going through the ebb’s and flows and no matter what, I know I could always rely on her. After a few months of self-loathing and mourning the loss of her, drowning my sorrows and self-pity in poor choices of foods, it started catching up to me. I was feeling awful every morning, I started feeling sluggish earlier in the day and I had less options of clothes to wear. I set an appointment with my DR to see what’s going on… turns out, I was 200lbs. I had gained close to 70lbs over the course of 4 years. I was told I needed to be put on cholesterol medication at the age of 25. That was the moment I needed to change my life around.

For the last 7 years, I have dedicated my time and MAJOR efforts to find the best balance of healthy living for ME. During this time, I educated myself and invested in fitness and nutrition courses to help others. Also taking on the Director of Programming role at Grown Strong, an outstanding online fitness company that supports any types of fitness goals, making it simple and effective to train anywhere. I’ve worked closely with world class Nike sponsored CrossFit athletes to learn and grow from the best. Becoming a certified Group and Personal Fitness trainer through NASM, CrossFit Level 2 trainer, Precision Nutrition L1 Coach, Behavior Change Specialist and working closely with Working Against Gravity’s nutrition program, I have an extensive amount of knowledge and WANT TO HELP YOU!

Let me be apart of your journey and help make the CHANGE you want to see in yourself. At the end of the day, you will be the one making those changes, but I am here to keep you ACCOUNTABLE, to stay steady and create those habitual emotions to keep you focused, and to remember your WHY. So let’s do this damn thang.

“Can I get a Whoop Whoop!”

– Rachel

Grown Strong Program Director, Grown Strong, 2019 – Present 

CF L1 / CF L2 – CrossFit, 2017 – Present 

USAW L1 / USAW L2 Coach – USAW, 2015 - Present 

PN L1 Nutrition Certified - Precision Nutrition, 2019- Present 

Behavior Change Specialist – NASM, 2020 – Present

B.A. Communications / Dance – Performing Arts, SFSU, 2009-2012

Education & Certs